By   March 21, 2017

Every online casino offers at least one type of casino bonus. We will show you all the types of the bonuses and tell you how to use them in the most efficient way.

First of all we will start with explaining what exactly is the casino bonus. You can receive bonus in many different ways – it can be deposit bonus, free bonus, cashback or you can get free rounds inside the casino slot. What are the main differences? That’s what we will show you in our article.

Types of Casino Bonuses

Deposit Bonus – deposit bonus can be only credited if you have made deposit with your own money to casino page. Amount of bonus you can receive is always shown with percentage – it can start from 10% and goes up to 200% or higher. The most popular bonus is 100% – it means that it will double your deposit and you will have twice more to play for. Bonus like this is mostly used for welcome offers for new players or for monthly reload that can be used by loyal customers.

Free Bonus – it’s nothing else than free credits. No need to make a deposit – you might need a bonus code or you will need to activate it on the casino page.

Cashback – that bonus will get you extra money if you will win or lose in casino site. You can see weekly offers on casino page that will either grant you boost of your winnings – for example 10% extra of your net winnings. The other way is to get winnings when you have lost money – it can be 25% of the amount you have lost.

Free rounds – this offer allows you to play spins only in specified game. When you will open the casino slot you will see a message with information about free spins. Usually it’s 5-10 free rounds with lowest stake. You can receive it when you are new player or when the new game shows up.

Now when you know the most common types of casino bonuses you can decide which one is the best for you. If you don’t want to risk own money in casino games you need to pick free bonus or free rounds. If you would like to deposit money – you can then start with deposit and cashback bonus.

Strategy of playing with casino bonuses

There is many ways of playing with casino bonus. You can either start big by playing maximum bet per spin with hope for a big win in few spins. The other one is to keep playing with small stake, which gets you more chances but lowest winnings. Another way is to start playing with small stake and increase the bet whenever you will hit a win.

Maximum bet per spin:

  • highest winnings
  • less spins to play with
  • bet can be limited by Terms and Conditions of the bonus.

Lowest bet per spin:

  • more spins to play
  • lowest winnings

Increasing bet after each win:

  • increase of the winnings
  • more spins than in the maximum bet strategy and highest winnings than in lowest bet strategy.

No matter which way you will pick you can always hit the big win. Casino games are unpredictable and you can never be sure what outcome next spin will bring. Sometimes you can hit the win with the first spin or you can play for hours without any decent hit.