By   March 15, 2017

Online Casinos are getting more and more popular every year. It doesn’t surprise us – there is a high interest in online betting, casinos and poker. Technology is changing almost every day and providers try to make it as easy as possible for their players. Not only you can acces casino sites using your laptop or PC, but now you are able to play on the go with your mobile.

How to access mobile casino?

There is few option to play in mobile – you can either use mobile page or download the casino app. As we have tested – mobile apps are much easier to use and navigate. You don’t need to log in each time when you want to play (own verification code may be required).  Design in mobile app is more clear than the mobile pages.

With mobile apps you can access your user account, make payment transactions (deposits and withdrawals) and access the games. Not every casino game is available in mobile version – however we can see that from week to week more games are being added to mobile sites. You can easily access the most popular games from top casino providers.

Is there a difference between the games?

When playing in casino on mobile you will notice slight differences in the games. To change the stake, coin value or start auto-play option – you will need to click on the slot game and change it in seperate screen. Main screen shows only the game and reels, while setting will be available when you will click on coin symbol.

This way view is more clear and you can be sure that you will not click on wrong button by mistake. Of course it is much easier to play on the bigger screen – using tablet, however players who use only their smartphones can also enjoy the casino games without the hassle.

How many players use mobile casinos?

Mobile gambing is increasing – as we can see 43% of casino players are using their mobile while in 2015 it was only 10%.  With such a high amount of players no wonder that casino sites are trying to improve their mobile sites. Mobile apps and sites are more user friendly than they were before. We need to mention that still some payments methods are not available via mobile. There will always be slight difference between web version and mobile one, but we are expecting that it will change within few years.

What bonuses you can use on mobile?

Main thing used by online casinos to attract players is casino bonus. There is many types of casino bonuses, most popular ones are deposit bonuses, free spins and free money. Each bonus can be used on website and on the mobile. Free spins can be limited to web version only – as not every slot game is available on mobile. If you are playing only on the mobile and you have received freespins in game which is not available in mobile version yet, then you can always ask Casino Support for help. In most cases free rounds will be changed for free money (that can be used in any game) or for free spins in game which is available in mobile version.